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Rafe Wall Clock

SKU: 625789
Elevate your space with the sophisticated charm of the Rafe Wall Clock. Standing at an impressive 34 inches, this nickel-finished metal clock is not just a timepiece but a striking work of art that commands attention.

At the heart of the Rafe Wall Clock lies its unique feature: moving gears seamlessly integrated into its design. With their antique silver finish, these gears enhance the clock's dynamic appeal and serve as a captivating focal point, drawing the eye and igniting conversation.

The open dial of the Rafe Wall Clock showcases cast, nickel-finished Roman numerals against a satin nickel-finished center, adding a touch of elegance to its design. With their charcoal finish and open fret cut diamond style, the hour and minute hands further enhance the clock's aesthetic appeal.

Powered by quartz, battery-operated movement, the Rafe Wall Clock ensures accurate timekeeping, requiring just one AA and four D batteries (not included). Its 4-inch deep contoured case adds depth and dimension to any wall, making it a striking addition to your home decor.

Make a statement with the Rafe Wall Clock, where timeless design meets modern sophistication. Whether gracing your living room, office, or entryway, this exquisite timepiece is sure to add a touch of elegance and style to any space.

Width: 34 in .

Depth: 4 in .

Height: 34 in .

Price Levels
Quantity Price (3A)
1-24 $379
25-143 $319.66
144-500 $302.58

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