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Gerallt Wall Clock

SKU: 625786
Experience the allure of the Gerallt Wall Clock, a stunning piece that seamlessly blends vintage elegance with modern flair. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this 23.5" antique brass finished metal clock is a statement of sophistication.

What sets the Gerallt Wall Clock apart is its unique feature: moving gears integrated into its design. These antique brass finished gears not only add a dynamic element but also serve as an eye-catching focal point, captivating attention and sparking conversation.

Driven by quartz, battery-operated movement, this clock ensures precise timekeeping, requiring just one AA and four D batteries (not included). Whether gracing your living room, office, or hallway, the Gerallt Wall Clock adds a touch of timeless charm and elegance to any space.

Make a bold statement with your home decor by incorporating the Gerallt Wall Clock. Its antique brass finish and mesmerizing moving gears elevate it from a mere timepiece to a work of art, reflecting your impeccable taste and appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Width: 23.5 in .

Depth: 3.5 in .

Height: 23.5 in .

Price Levels
Quantity Price (3A)
1-24 $229
25-143 $191.66
144-500 $181.42

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